Mayfair takes its name from the May Fair held there annually until well into the 1700s. The area came into the ownership of the Grosvenor family in 1677 but it was not until the mid 18th Century that the land started to be developed into what was to become the most fashionable district of London in which to live.

In recent years many of the houses, once converted to offices, have been restored to residential use. Property here is amongst the most expensive in the world and Mayfair is once again one of the finest addresses in London.

Mayfair while retaining a strong local community feel, has attracted some exclusive shops and businesses and is rightly regarded as one of London’s most attractive ‘villages’. Fine architecture and a vibrant atmosphere make it a great place to visit, live or work in.

The Mount Street Association has been created to promote both the Mayfair area and the many exclusive shops and businesses that are located there.

One of London’s finest residential areas since the 18th century, over the years it has also attracted some of the capital’s best retailers for fashion, china and glass and food and wine, as well as specialists businesses including gun and rifle makers, art and antiques galleries. And some of London’s leading estate agents are also represented.

Mayfair is, however, still one of London’s villages and so it’s no surprise that you will also find many of those shops that everyone needs for those everyday necessities.

Situated in central London’s West End, the Mayfair village is close to the heart of the capital’s cultural, shopping and entertainment district and many of the major visitor and tourist attractions.

It is easily accessible by car and all public transport services.